PLOTO partners under the spotlight: MÁV

In our interview series aiming to explore the role of PLOTO pilot site leaders, MAV shared its insights regarding their role and contributions to the project.

The partner, a participant in the Hungarian pilot site, brings their expertise and dedication to the table, working alongside RSOE, BSZL, and BME.


What prompted your organisation to join the PLOTO consortium?

The objectives of the PLOTO project allows MÁV to assess and understand the potential risks associated with climate change in our operating areas. By identifying vulnerabilities and developing strategies to mitigate these risks, MÁV can enhance its resilience and ensure uninterrupted operations.


How do the objectives of PLOTO project fit in with the priorities and strategies of your company?

By participating in the PLOTO project MÁV can demonstrate its commitment to sustainable practices, align its operations with the latest environmental standards and fulfil its social and environmental responsibilities.


Tell us about the role of your company in this project.

MÁV is represented in the project as a provider of connecting infrastructure services. We work in close collaboration with the other Hungarian partners (BME, RSOE, BSZL) to develop a long-term data platform and reliable data points for the Hungarian pilot site.


Can you give an update about the latest developments?

MÁV has recently planned and carried out drone photogrammetry of the Freeport site in order to gain accurate information for further analysis. In the data processing stage, a dense point cloud was generated that represents the 3D structure of the mapped area, with each point having XYZ coordinates. This dataset and a digital surface model (DSM) have been shared with all consortium partners to help them develop advanced algorithms and AI tools for accurate IWW mapping.


What are your company’s next steps in the project, in relation to the pilot site?

We are currently working on different methods to use recent outputs to develop possible scenarios for the test cases of IWW mapping.

KER10: PLOTO Integrated Platform for Inland Waterways Resilience

KER10: PLOTO Integrated Platform for Inland Waterways Resilience

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KER 9 – Fore-Now/Casting Weather Predictions tool 

KER 9 – Fore-Now/Casting Weather Predictions tool 

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KER 8 – Coupled Multi-nested Local Scale Modelling

KER 8 – Coupled Multi-nested Local Scale Modelling

The diverse risk assessment framework, developed in PLOTO to support Inland WaterWay (IWW) operations, will exhibit the ability to quantify weather-related hazards among others. As weather-related hazards can manifest either through long-term exposure to unfavourable...