PLOTO will perform tests in three different scenarios in Belgium, in Hungary and in Romania. Through the demonstrations, the PLOTO platform will be implemented for multiple hazard assessment and optimised operational and strategic decisions for management and maintenance of inland water ways (IWW).

The goal is to implement a new integrated system to support operational and strategic adaptation and mitigation measures.


Service Public of Wallonia (SPW MI)
University of Liège (ULiege)

Use cases

  • Installation of pumping stations at new locks to handle low flow periods and avoid interruption in navigation
  • Definition of a strategic vision and a methodology for the sustainable development of the IWW network
  • Investments to reduce leakages and to increase the accuracy of flow measurements
  • Optimisation of the remote operation of the structures used for managing the IWW and reduce risks
  • Improved regulations enabling limitations in water abstraction during low flow periods and prioritisation of water allocation during droughts


Freeport of Budapest Logistics Ltd (BSZL)
Hungarian State Railway Company (MÁV)
National Association of Radio Distress-Signalling and Info communications (RSOE)
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Transportation Technology and Economics (BME)

Use cases

  • Flood protection, prediction software and warning systems
  • Special navigation aid systems and services in case of fog
  • Blocking of vessel traffic based on hydro meteorological forecast and warning in case of low water level and extreme cold and ice conditions


Lower Danube River Administration (AFDJ)
Danube’s University of Galati (UDG)
Romanian River Transport Cluster (RRT)

Use cases

  • Gauge network monitoring system
  • Actual water level monitoring and acquisition system
  • Water level forecast system
  • Calamity abatement related systems and procedures