PLOTO partners under the spotlight: BSZL

BSZL, another PLOTO project partner, is opening up with regard to its role within the project’s consortium and the Hungarian pilot site.

What prompted your organisation to join the PLOTO consortium?

We are committed to the development of the port, so we like to participate in all new opportunities that serve this purpose.

How do the objectives of PLOTO project fit in with the priorities and strategies of your company?

The main strategy of the company is the continuous, environmentally conscious development of the port, taking into account the latest technical achievements. Among other things, we will be able to rely on the finished materials during the construction of our development area.

Tell us about the role of your company in this project

We are end users in this project, so in cooperations with our stakeholders, we support other participants in identifying our environment and its hazards, provide data, and help them develop and test their project.

Can you give an update about the latest developments?

Infrastructural development is currently underway in the Budapest port, which also includes the development of roads, public utilities, the railway network, and the maintenance of the port basin wall, and other inland port facilities.

What are your company’s next steps in the project, in relation to the pilot site?

We will test systems and tools prepared by partners.

What are your plans to build upon these results for future initiatives?

With the finished materials, as well as the new sensors to be installed, we want to make the loading and storage activities in the port even safer, and we want to rely on the results of the project for the new warehouse developments.

KER12: Software for assessing socioeconomic impact 

KER12: Software for assessing socioeconomic impact 

PLOTO aims to improve the resilience of Inland WaterWays (IWW) and associated hinterland infrastructure against weather hazard, climate change effects, flooding, and seismic hazard. Part of the work that SoReCC is carrying out within PLOTO is to go one step beyond the...

KER11: Risk assessment engine 

KER11: Risk assessment engine 

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PLOTO M18 Plenary meeting

PLOTO M18 Plenary meeting

On 7-8 February, PLOTO partners met in Athens, hosted by the partner NTUA, to discuss the work done in the first 18 months of this EU funded initiative.  In light of the upcoming project's mid-term review, planned on 25 April, the Consortium aligned on the ongoing...