European Waterways Explored: Collaborative Surveys Yield Data Along Albert Canal and Freeport of Budapest

In a joint effort, experts from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Université de Liège (ULiège), and MAV Hungarian State Railways Co. (MAV) have successfully conducted extensive field test work along the Albert Canal in Liege and the Freeport of Budapest. This collaboration aimed to gather crucial data for research and analysis.

Albert Canal Survey (Liege)
Date: 7th December 2023

The team included François Jonard, Professor from ULiège’s SPHERES Research Unit, David Caterina, Research logistician in Hydrogeophysics, UEE department, ULiège, Joris Hardy, Research Engineer in Hydraulic and Environmental Civil Engineering, Margarita Skamantzari, Research Collaborator from NTUA’s Laboratory of Photogrammetry, Hadrien Michel, Research engineer, Hydrogeophysics at ULiège, Benjamin Dewals Professor of Hydraulic and Environmental Civil Engineering at ULiège.

The team’s endeavors included various measurements and data collection activities, meticulously documented through a series of dissemination photos.


Freeport Expedition (Budapest)
Date: 7th to 8th December 2023

Traversing the Freeport of Budapest, MAV’s team played a pivotal role in the expedition. Mate Hajnal, a GIS Expert, Gábor Turáni and Csaba Tóth, both Design Engineers, Ábel Hattyár, another Design Engineer, and Péter Nagy, an Editorial Technician from MAV, collaborated with Thodoris Betsas, a PhD. Candidate from NTUA’s Laboratory of Photogrammetry. Together, they conducted comprehensive fieldwork aimed at gathering essential data crucial for ongoing research initiatives.

The collaboration between these institutions promises significant advancements in understanding and analysing vital waterways across Europe. 

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